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Welcome Brave Explorer

You have recently discovered a map to the fabled Shrine to Anubis deep in the Kaylo desert. After days of travel you finally find the temple to Anubis's shrine. But who said exploring was going to be easy?

Jump, dodge, and loot your way through increasingly hard levels as you try to find Anubis' final resting place. Just so you can prove to all your other college professors that the ancient Egyptian gods were real!

Good luck brave adventurer!

Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1160670/Shrine_to_Anubis/


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Just played through your game 36/40 gold. I had fun playing it, the platforming was very fun. boss fight was certainly creative too, really loved that. Fun design. DL from the equality bundle. thank you.

Well, that was kinda fun! It’s a neat little platformer, well worth a buck. There’s not much to it - I finished i under 20 mintues with 38/40 treasures found. I’ll probably go back to try for 100%, because that’s the kind of person I am. The boss battle was the best part, although I enjoyed the whole thing. A built-in volume control would be nice (the music is a little loud compared to the rest of the game, IMO), but I look forward to more stuff from Stuart!

A short and simple platformer, though perfectly functional. My biggest gripe was no obvious means to control volume in the game (OS volume mixer to the rescue) and the delay between death and respawn being a little too long. It's about 20 minutes worth of gameplay, albeit with little to no replay value. Much akin to flash games of old.

I liked the game. When you are above a corner and you jumps can be a little strange. Is a short and enjoyable game.

uh, the game is okay. It is more suited to be a free flash game.


Short but adorable platformer. The boss is challenging to defeat, yet doing so is very satisfying. Thank you for all the checkpoints! Tipping the boss over after defeating it was a wonderful discovery :D

Hey Frinkzippi7!

Thanks for the amazingly kind words! It really means a lot you enjoyed your time with my game :) I hope I can give you another fun experience with my next game!!! 

p.s. Glad you enjoyed showing Anubis who's boss ;)