A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hello you! yes, YOU. You are about to embark on a brand new adventure. Play as the adventurer Evan as he goes through Maug's Temple looking for the fabled treasure "The Golden Helix". But beware, some people have heard strange noises coming from Maug's Temple.

Objective: Navigate the temple and get Maug's prized treasure. Once optained return back to the ladder you came on.


  • WASD = movement
  • Arrow keys = look around
  • Space = Warp
  • N = story
  • H = toggle Help on/off

Warping: Warp is activated by hitting the space key. There are some walls you will not be able to warp through(Hint they're red).


Welcome to Maug's Temple!

This is a game jam I did for #indiesvspewdiepie that lasted 72 hours. This was also my first GameJam:)

It is far from a full game, but I worked hard putting it together. I learned a lot from the experience and hope to participate in more Game Jams in the future!

*End of disclaimer*


Maug's Temple (Windows) 8 MB
Maug's Temple (Mac) 9 MB